Treatment Approaches

Pharmacotherapy –

Also known as medication management, this form of treatment is focused on the initiation and adjustment of medications to target specific mood and behavioral problems.

Psychotherapy –

This term refers to a wide variety of talk therapy approaches. Dr. Etefia offers a highly structured form of psychotherapy, known as CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy, in addition to a less directed form of therapy known as time-limited psychodynamic therapy or TLDT. CBT is particularly effective for more recent onset mood and behavioral problems. CBT typically consists of 12 to 20 weekly sessions during which mood and substance use conditions are treated through corrective exercises targeting problematic thinking and behavior.

TLDT may be helpful in as few as 12 weekly sessions for improving longstanding mood, behavior and personality issues. In TLDT the dialogue between patient and therapist is less circumscribed though, in general, positive change occurs as the client is assisted in identifying how their needs, identity and formative experiences relate to emotional distress. Many but not all patients will require psychotherapy. The decision to begin this form of treatment as well as the specific therapeutic approach is made on a case-by-case basis.